Recently stumbled upon progressive rock group Idlehands from San Diego and was quickly impressed by the style and technicality of their debut ep, which is reminiscent of younger Circa Survive. These guys are off to a good start — download their ep for free on Bandcamp and see them December 11th at Yucca Tap Room!

Unsure why it took us so long to feature one of the most entertaining bands in Tempe right now — Playboy Manbaby. Maybe we were too busy being impressed by their recent line-up of shows or having a good time scrolling through the always amazing pictures from the awesome house parties they always seem to be playing. Either way, the self-proclaimed “funk, hip hop, surf rock” group’s self-titled EP is available for free on their Bandcamp page — where you should download it and check out their upcoming shows around Phoenix and Tempe. 

Just got into these guys recently.. Initially intrigued by their name, Celestial Shore from Brooklyn creates a seriously interesting breed of short, mathy pop songs that even work in some Breaking Bad references — all ingredients I love dearly. Download several tracks from the band for free on their Bandcamp page

Been jamming hard this week to the jazzy ‘hip hop’ tunes from the young trio BadBadNotGood — these under 21 year olds bring a fresh perspective to modern jazz with catchy beats and some seriously sick bass and piano work. They’re producing music fast, and you can download their first two albums on their website for free. 

Today we’ve got some free emo rock tunes from Phoenix locals Merit. They’ve captured two sets of their self-claimed “bummer jams,” released as free eps on their Bandcamp page. Download them now and see them this Monday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix!

This week we’ve got new music from of the most interesting bands in Arizona right now — “moon rockers” Tres Lunas. These six talented instrumentalists are obsessed with Latin culture, and they show it off with their music. They recently released their first handful of songs for free on Bandcamp. Download it now and catch them every Friday this month (starting tonight!) at Long Wong’s in Tempe!

Saw this band last week outside of Revolver Records downtown with about 20 others.. Hailing from Austin, Boyfrndz is on tour right now across the Western US and they made the most of their humble circumstances playing on the street to a small crowd. They played their set full of fuzzed out, spazzy songs to get lost in and their albums have been on repeat in my car since. Download their new album All Day Pass as well as some older material on their Bandcamp page for free.

This week we’ve got some (almost) free music from New Jersey two piece emo/punk band Dads. Their new album American Radass is available for a mere 50 cents on their bandcamp, and is worth every penny — download it and see them tomorrow night at Long Wong’s in Tempe! 

Our favorite Tucsonans Dream Sick have been taking their time on their second album, but as long as it is as great as their first, it will be worth it. Their debut, self-titled album is a collection of great uptempo pop songs drenched in reverb — perfect for driving and sunny days but also totally enjoyable elsewhere. Download their first album for free here and get ready for LP2 sometime (hopefully) soon! 

A New ROAR Song Out On October 13th!


We were asked to be a part of a 7” split release for a new label in Phoenix.  I will make it available for download as soon as possible.  It will also be on the new record whenever THAT gets done.  I recorded it in my apartment.  I probably shouldn’t advertise that part.